Thursday, June 24, 2010


2010 To Do List -Let's Review!

[] Get an awesome website -While awesome may be debatable, a website non the less!

[] Start blogging -All be it infrequently... it counts!

[] Move "Danger Room" to a larger work space -THIS I am most pleased about. Pictures coming soon!

[] Stock Etsy shop -Even more to come!

[] Lose 20 pounds -I lost 22 lbs!! However, I first gained roughly 10 lbs since making this goal for myself & so actually it's more like a 12 lb loss.

[ ] Join a street team -Oh but which one?There's just so many to choose from.

[] Learn to play at least one song on the ukulele -I'm not that great yet, but I can muddle my way through 2 whole songs & as a matter of fact, tonight I am going to a Ukulele Workshop downtown to hopefully learn a thing or two from the man who wrote the book I've been trying to teach myself from... none other than Jumpin' Jim himself!

[ ] Acquire 3 wholesale accounts -2 so far! You will now find Kitschy Galore's designs at 2 boutiques in Paris, France!

[] Drink more water -2 liters a day!

[] Tame "Hellcat" -He has been much more friendly since we had his pompoms trimmed... Be that as it may, he is now restricted to the confines of the upstairs bathroom (or "The Pussy Room" as we like to call it) at bedtime, in order for me to access a full night's rest.

[ ] Make Kitschy Galore all it can be! -Onward & Upward!!!

I would like to take this moment to remember Rico, who passed away this past April. For those of you who didn't know, Rico was a lifelong friend as true as true can be & the best damn fish anyone has ever had. Goodbye dearest Rico.

R.I.P. Rico 2007-2010