Friday, August 13, 2010

The Great Houdini

I thought I might take a moment to introduce you to the newest member of the Galore Family... Meet Houdini! We got her (yes her) a little while ago & she has proven to be just the cutest, sweetest, most cuddliest Cricetinae that I have ever encountered.

She is very unique. She enjoys being picked up & played with. She doesn't try to run all around like other hamsters do forcing you the handler, to put one hand in front of the other forming a tiny hamster treadmill. She just sits there, perched in my hand looking up at me, as I pet her. Her cage is located on the bookcase next to the computer, so she is at eye level with me for a good part of most days as I merrily type away. The computer seems to be a great source of entertainment for Houdini, as she spends most of her time plunked down in front of her food dish nibbling nibbling & peering out between the cage bars watching the computer screen flash & flicker. Sometimes I will look over at her & catch her eyeing me. So I will open the cage door & stroke her from her head to her tail gently with my index finger. She responds much like a dog would, by reaching her front paws in front & pushing her back paws back, until she's all stretched out on her belly & thoroughly enjoying her full body massage.

She is indeed a rare treasure & an old soul & I am delighted to have her here in our home & in our hearts.

Oh!... & she really likes it when I play the ukulele for her.

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