Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thrift Store Score Thursday {Hooked on Jesus}

Religious kitsch is one of my most favouite forms of kitschery! I also happen to have a weakness for  latch hook rugs. When I was the age of six or seven I had a panda bear hook rug pillow kit.  I never did finish it, but I do remember the feeling of satisfaction that it gave me when I finally did complete the pandas head.  I guess that's why I absolutely could not pass up this superb specimen of Christ carpeting for $4.99 at Saver's. When I got home, I sprawled it out on my bed to admire. 

I found myself imagining the lady who made this tapestry. In my minds eye, she was in her early sixties & did her work on a card table in her dark wood paneled den. She had sponge curlers in her hair & wore a coffee stained pink house coat. With a Pall Mall pinched tightly between her magenta lacquered lips, her hands nimbly labored away as she watched Judge Judy. I bet once she completed her masterpiece that her feelings were much the same as mine were when I had finished my panda's head.  She never got a chance to block the edges... I wonder why?

Of course there's no evidence that this women ever actually existed outside of my reverie. The rug itself doesn't even carry a trace of cigarette smoke. Still I feel that I owe it to my new imaginary friend to finish it for her.  I'm sure she intended for this showpiece to hang on the the wall. Perhaps above the television set, on one of those wood paneled walls of the very room she created her magnum opus in. 

I just don't see it as a wall hanging in my apartment & it's far to big to be a pillow!  I'm pretty sure it would be an act of heresy to actually use it as a rug. So Jesus is on my bed & I think that's where he will stay after I've turned him into a nice kitschy throw quilt. After all Jesus did say, "I am the bed; the person who lies on me will enter perpetual rest."

Until next time, happy hunting!

Cheers Deers! xx

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