Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cat's Outta the Bag

The only way that I know of to write a blog that will be of any interest to anyone, is to stay true to myself. And in order to do so, I will have to step out from behind the name Kitschy Galore. Soo without further adieu allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Tyna & I am Kitschy Galore. Or at least I am sometimes. Kitschy Galore is my alter ego. My more fabulous self. She's the Jem to my Jerrica Benton, the She-Ra to my Princess Adora, the Wonder Woman to my Diana Prince... Anyway you get the idea... Well that is you do, if you were a kid growing up in the 80's.

Kitschy Galore is a free spirited society girl who leads a fascinatingly glamourous & sometime scandalous lifestyle. She's an artist who lives alone in a small flat in the city. Most nights you will find her at exclusive parties, rubbing elbows with the jet set elite. She likes to stun people with carefully selected titbits from her personal life or her outspoken viewpoints on various topics. Oh & she travels by Vespa.

As for me, I am an artist/crafter who lives in Rhode Island in a borrowed house. Which is both very large & very old. Sometimes I fear it might fall in. I'm blissfully married to the husband of my wildest dreams. His name is Robert & he is the most talented artist I have ever met! We enjoy spending our days making things together, attending jumble sales & playing with our distinguishably awesome son, Jack... he is four years old. Jack's older brother's name is Spike & he is just the cuddliest, smelliest, most handsomest little old pug dog EVER! Spike's arch nemesis is that cat, Ouija. Ouija
delights in playing tricks on everyone in the
house, especially Spike & when Ouija is not
doing that, he's scheming up ways to kill Rico.
Rico is a beta fish & someday
he is gonna be famous.

So now you can see where the two lines meet & sometimes blend. Kitschy Galore is basically just like me. In general we like all the same things & we kinda look the same... Only she is slightly less inhibited than myself... Always dressed to the teeth... & skinnier than me... Other than that, you could never tell the two of us apart. And that's the rundown, kids.

I promise, in the future I will do my best not to bore your pants off.
Until next time...

It's show time Synergy!

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  1. Welcome and congrats on a great post. Keep 'em comin'!