Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dueling Doodlers

I've told you before that my husband, Mr. Galore (a.k.a. Robert Wohl) is an extraordinarily talented illustrator. He also works a 9 to 5 that doesn't leave much room for him to flex his creative muscles.

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the whirl of day to day activities & lose sight of ones passions... But I tell you it would be an outright crime to waist such a gift as his. Lately things have become a little too lackadaisical round these parts for my liking. So that's why I recently challenged Mr. Galore to a duel... A doodling duel!

I call it "The Doodle A Day Challenge" & it goes like this: He has to draw one doodle everyday. It doesn't have to be fancy or even finished. Just some markings made on paper each day, to keep those creative juices from coagulating & becoming stagnant.

In order to make it a fair duel, I agreed to do the same.

❤ © Kitschy Galore ❤

Now, I told Mr. Galore that it didn't have to be much, but in reality I was anticipating some amazing things from Robbie's daily doodles.

What I wasn't expecting was to rediscover my own long lost love of doodling. You see...

Once upon a time I used to doodle all the time. Growing up as an only child in the country, my sketchpad was my primary form of entertainment. In recent years my art has moved in a different direction. I've been working mainly in three dimensions. Somewhere down the line I had lost all patience with drawing. Practically the only time I would put pencil to paper was to just scribble out an idea. In fact it had been such a long time since I'd really tried, that I had completely forgotten that I know how to draw & that I actually enjoy it.

Suddenly there's doodles all over the place! On the table & the floor & the couch & the counter etc..

Even the littlest Galore has joined in & he has been yielding some pretty decent little doodles of his own.  

❤ Illustration by Jack ❤

So there you have it. The doodling duel was a success. I presented my husband with a challenge designed to whip him into shape & get him creatively motivated again & something profound has happened... It did... For all of us!

Now that there's all these doodles floating about I decided it's high-time that we did something with them!

Today I’m proud to announce Dueling Doodlers Society6 Shop! Robert Wohl & I will be now be offering our doodles up as iPhone cases, art prints, t-shirts & more here!

❤ © Robert Wohl ❤

See for yourself! And as we're now both dutiful doodlers, we'll be posting more designs soon & often. Of course you'll be the first to know.

Stay tuned...

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