Monday, July 7, 2014

The Werehouse 2.0 Reboot

The Werehouse first opened in 2008 as a husband & wife mad scientist team. We tinkered with several experiments, the most important of which was The Roogie Cloning Project. This was deemed a fruitful operation. As time went on the clones grew quickly in numbers (as bunnies often do) to proportions beyond our control. We were forced to close the doors of The Werehouse & go into hiding.

In the past five years Robert Wohl (the husband) had to all but disappear. Hiding in the deepest darkest of places. conjuring up new devises & re-imagining a new future for our work. His wife, lab partner & muse took on the alias, Kitschy Galore (that's me), where she has met with international fame.

Together we've had many adventures & enjoyed several successes.

After recent discoveries we've determined The Werehouse is finally safe for operation. The new & improved & completely secure Werehouse will be specializing in Robert Wohl's custom cartoon commodities utilizing his latest & greatest invention yet, The Cartoon-O-Tron!

❤ © Robert Wohl ❤

Ready... Steady... All systems go!

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